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's roadways. the california highway patrol and local law enforcement agencies report an increase in the number of fatalities during what is one of the busiest travel times of the year. one of them happened just last night and it is heartbreaking. a deadly crash on highway 50 need placerville that killed three members of a bay area family. kimberly terry is live in the newsroom with more on this investigation and what could have been the deadly crash. >> the crash happened yesterday evening and investigators have been working on piecing together exactly what happened to cause the accident that took four lives. >> along the four-lane stretch of highway near placerville, a toyota prius carrying a family from san francisco was coming out of the mountains when it swerved into the path of oncoming traffic hitting a minivan. >> there's no information leading to any impairment of the driver. >> a 39-year-old man, a woman and a boy in the prey yus were killed. a 10-year-old girl was hospitalized with severe injuries. the fourth victim of the crash was a 4-year-old placerville girl who was in the miniva
aunt. >> my in-laws. >> who is watching over the bird, man? >> we're going to people's houses, my family houses so they are doing it right now. >> this year's turkey trot raised roughly $7,000 plus another half million from an anonymous donor, a record amount that will help three local charities, including one that provides low-income families with the same kind of meal that the runners will be filling up on after this early morning swe sweat. >> giants outfielder hunter pens earned the nickname the reverend for his pre-game speeches during the world series run and the teammates showed off their great impression as the credits roll. here's video of hunter pens firing up his teammates with one of his signature pep talks and now players thoughts on pens. >> our chance to make history. >> i don't care what they say about us. i don't care about them. it's about the guys in this room. >> nobody's been through what we've been through, nobody will stand in our way. >> love you guys. i will go out there and die for you. >> i want to play with you, tomorrow. >> that is really good. >> ever
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2